Saturday, October 1, 2011

Downtown Women's Action Coalition (DWAC)

Downtown Women's Action Coalition (DWAC)
DWAC’s mission is to empower women who live and work downtown to influence public policy change that promotes health, safety, and economic and social justice for women through collective action, public education, community building, advocacy and leadership opportunities.

downtown area. We are working to: 1) create strong leadership that reflects the changing demographics of the community; 2) organize a diverse base of stakeholders to advocate for public policy and other public decisions that specifically benefits and addresses the needs of women in our community; and 3) eliminate gender-bias which is inherent in the service delivery models in the area, historically designed to meet the needs of single men. LA CAN provides the home organization and coordination of DWAC and shares leadership in the Coalition with Downtown Women’s Center and SRO Housing. DWAC’s work includes the 7 out of 10 Campaign, community-based research, leadership development, community-based trainings on women-specific issues, and community events.


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